From the Garden to the Plate :: 15 mouthwatering recipes to help use up your summer surplus (2024)

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It's that time of year. The time of year when our zucchini plants blossom and yield the most spectacular fruits. Zucchini is plentiful and inexpensive at the farmer's market and grocery store; it's in abundance. In fact, it's even more. Many gardens are being seized by these gigantic green beasts - they seem never to stop growing! Pick them before they get too large. They're much sweeter and more flavorful this way. If you can't use them all give them away. But if you want to try to use them, I've rounded up 15 recipes that will inspire and leave you hungry for more!

I love zucchini chips. Season them with salt and pepper, or jazz them up with red pepper flakes or paprika or a small amount Parmesan. Not only are these delicious but incredibly healthy. These are easiest to make if you have a mandoline. A Spicy Perspective has a perfect recipe for your Baked Zucchini Chips.

Hop on over to Proud Italian Cook for this fresh and summery take on a traditional slaw.

The Healthy Family and Home offers some great ideas for zucchini boats. Even better they fall under the clean eating umbrella. Perfect for a side dish at dinner, light supper or lunch.

Alexandra shows us how to create an insanely delicious grilled zucchini with mint, basil and pine nuts. Hop on over to her blog for the recipe.

Again from Alexandra Cooks. The Zucchini Anchovy. If you like anchovies, of course. I'm salivating over this one!

I do love a good fritter, the crispy outside, the tender, soft inside. A sort of decadent comfort food that's not over the top. The Roasted Root shares this gluten free recipe that uses zucchini instead of potato. All topped with a garlic aioli. Sounds divine.

I do adore a good soup, and it's something I do eat year round. On hotter days I do adore a nice chilled soup, otherwise a tepid soup soothes when the weather is warm and a warmer soup soothes when the weather is cool. This Creamy Thai Zucchini Corn Soup from the Bonjon Gourmet will require a couple of extra steps, but the end result promises to make it all worth your while.

Simple. Fresh. Refreshing. And it's Alton Brown's Recipe. I need not say anymore. Hop on over to the Food Network for this recipe.

Martha Stewart also has a refreshing looking shaved zucchini recipe. Her's also has zucchini blossoms, tomatoes, ricotta and thyme oil. Hop on over to her website for her version.

Zucchini. Corn. Pie. Yum. This summer pie would delight your family for an intimate gathering or a large group of friends for a poolside Sunday brunch. It's the brainchild of Pinch of Yum. (Actually she credits her mother for the recipe.)Not only do I like her blog but I like her sense of humor. A winning combination! Hop on over to her site for her Sweet Corn and Zucchini Pierecipe.

If you don't have one of these zucchini spiralizing thingamajigs you should get one. They will revolutionize the way you do zucchini. You may never want to give your excess zuc away ever again. We picked up one at Williams-Sonoma. But you can order one at Amazon and have it delivered to your door in no-time! Simply click on the image below

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Don't let the fact that this is vegan scare you. This raw "pasta" with pesto couldn't be easier to make. Best, on a sultryday, you'll not have to slave over a hot stove. Hop on over to Divine Vegan Food for the how tos.

I have never met a puttanesca I didn't like, Zucchini and puttanesca a perfect carb-free marriage in heaven... The slu*tty No Carb Pasta is brought to us by The Londoner.

Have you ever had an eggplant meatball. If you like eggplants and you like meatballs you will love these. Succulent, tender and melt in your mouth delicious, I actually prefer these meatless spheres over their proteincounterparts. This recipe is dairy free, gluten free and paleo. Until I get my hands all over it and dump Parmesan all over the top ;) This recipe does seem a little more involved, so leave a little extra time. I'd not suggest this on a week night when you're in a rush. Hop on over to Lexi's Clean Kitchen for the recipe.

And now for something sweet. I adore a good zucchini bread. The less sweet varieties are great in the morning or with afternoon tea. The sweeter ones like this decadent looking Double Chocolate Zucchini Breadfrom Princess in Kitchen will satisfy my sweet tooth and my chocolate craving. Truth be told, I have a killer sweet tooth. This recipe uses a lot of zucchini which must mean it's healthy, right? It also uses a lot of chocolate which means it's delicious!

For a more traditional zucchini bread La Creme de la Crumb offers this marvelous cinnamon swirl version. Hop on over to her blog for the recipe.

From the Garden to the Plate :: 15 mouthwatering recipes to help use up your summer surplus (2024)
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