Super Saver Pharmacy #27 – Scripted (2024)


Super Saver Pharmacy #27

840 Fallbrook Blvd. Lincoln, NE 68521

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Need a new vaccine, test, or prescription?No worries.

At Super Saver Pharmacy #27, you can get a same-day prescription, test, or treatment for many common conditions.

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Clinical services and new prescriptions

Super Saver Pharmacy #27 pharmacists can assess and prescribe medications and treatments for common conditions. Here’s how it works.


Book an appointment and complete a self-assessment.

No cost to reserve an appointment.


Meet with a pharmacist for an assessment.

* Not eligible for insurance coverage at this time

Consultation fee*


If eligible, receive your new prescription.

**Medication is eligible for insurance coverage

Cost for medication**

Super Saver Pharmacy #27 – Scripted (1)

Uncomplicated UTI


Super Saver Pharmacy #27 – Scripted (2)

Hormonal Birth Control


Super Saver Pharmacy #27 – Scripted (3)

Erectile Dysfunction


Super Saver Pharmacy #27 – Scripted (4)

COVID Antiviral


Super Saver Pharmacy #27 – Scripted (5)

Mild Acne


Super Saver Pharmacy #27 – Scripted (6)

Cold Sore


Super Saver Pharmacy #27 – Scripted (7)

Anaphylaxis Autoinjector (EpiPen)


Super Saver Pharmacy #27 – Scripted (8)

Allergic Rhinitis (Seasonal Allergies)


Super Saver Pharmacy #27 – Scripted (9)

Emergency Contraception


Super Saver Pharmacy #27 – Scripted (10)

Asthma Rescue Inhaler Refill


Super Saver Pharmacy #27 – Scripted (11)



Super Saver Pharmacy #27 – Scripted (12)

Head Lice


Super Saver Pharmacy #27 – Scripted (13)

Lyme Disease Prevention


Super Saver Pharmacy #27 – Scripted (14)

Hair Loss Prevention


Super Saver Pharmacy #27 – Scripted (15)

Motion Sickness


Super Saver Pharmacy #27 – Scripted (16)

Mild Cough


Super Saver Pharmacy #27 – Scripted (17)



Super Saver Pharmacy #27 – Scripted (18)



Super Saver Pharmacy #27 – Scripted (19)

Blood Glucose Monitoring


Super Saver Pharmacy #27 – Scripted (20)

Statins for Diabetes


Super Saver Pharmacy #27 – Scripted (21)

Smoking Cessation


Vaccines and immunizations

Super Saver Pharmacy #27 offers appointments for vaccines recommended by the CDC that can help protect you and your family from infection. Costs vary depending on insurance status — if you’re insured, your policy may cover these completely. If not, you can pay cash.

This pharmacy does offer vaccines to patients under 18 years of age. Contact your pharmacist for more information.

COVID-19 vaccines

The COVID-19 vaccine is no cost with most insurance plans or through a federal program for the uninsured


Routine vaccines

Prices listed are for patients without insurance, many patients are covered subject to insurance approval

Flu (Influenza)
Shingles (Zoster)
Pneumonia (Pneumococcal)
Tdap (Tetanus Diphtheria Pertussis)
Hepatitis A+B (Twinrix)

Travel + specialty vaccines

*Not stocked on a daily basis, call for availability before making an appointment

This pharmacy does not offer travel & specialtys via Scripted at this time

Testing services

In one visit to Super Saver Pharmacy #27, your pharmacist can administer tests and prescribe treatment for one or more conditions, like COVID-19, Flu, or Strep Throat. If you test positive, a pharmacist can use Scripted to conduct an assessment and prescribe a new treatment.

Super Saver Pharmacy #27 – Scripted (22)

Super Saver Pharmacy #27 – Scripted (23)

General Respiratory Screening


Super Saver Pharmacy #27 – Scripted (24)

Strep Testing

Super Saver Pharmacy #27 – Scripted (25)

COVID-19 Testing

Super Saver Pharmacy #27 – Scripted (26)

Flu Testing

Additional services

•Durable Medical Equipment•Medication Delivery•Sharps Containers and Medication Disposal Envelopes

Pharmacy Address

840 Fallbrook Blvd. Lincoln, NE 68521

Other Scripted pharmacies



Got a question?

Scripted is a new service that enables pharmacist to prescribe treatments for common conditions. Scripted was adopted to make healthcare easier, more affordable, and accessible.

Yes. Pharmacists can prescribe for several common ailments when working with a physician. The Scripted platform integrates physician approved protocols to enable pharmacists to act as a provider.

Scripted is free to start! There are no reoccurring fees, or monthly payments.

Consults with your pharmacist start as low as $19. Most services range between $19 – $50.

No, you do not need a prescription. If you are eligible to receive treatment, your pharmacists will issue you a new prescription, just like your doctor would.

Nope. You can walk-in and receive same-day service, or you can plan ahead by scheduling an appointment.

After using Scripted, your pharmacist will automatically communicate your visit summary to your physician’s office.

Scripted is currently cash only, and insurance is not accepted.

You can use Scripted at participating pharmacies near you. Currently, we are available in only some states, but we aim to operate in more as soon as we can.

Visit the pharmacy locator to find your nearest Scripted pharmacy.

Scripted was made to improve affordability and expand access to care for all. In some instances, if you have underlying conditions or if you have a more serious condition that cannot be treated by the pharmacist, your pharmacist may refer you to a physician.

Super Saver Pharmacy #27

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Clinical Services



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Super Saver Pharmacy #27 – Scripted (2024)
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