Overnight Sourdough Discard Recipes (2024)

Here's a round up of overnight sourdough discard recipes which you can use to cook with the discard produced by your sourdough starter.

Sourdough discard is really just unfed sourdough starter. Cooking with this "waste product" means less food waste in your kitchen.

There are many ways that you can incorporate sourdough discard into overnight recipes that work with your lifestyle.

Some of these recipes utilise commercial yeast as the leavening agent. This compensates for the lack of inactivity in your sourdough discard.

It's also helpful if you have a young sourdough starter, where the discard won't have the leavening power required.

Overnight Sourdough Discard Recipes (1)

What Is Sourdough Discard?

Sourdough discard is the portion of sourdough starter that you take out of the jar before you feed your starter. There are many reasons you must discard some of your starter before you feed it.

When the starter is very young, it's best just to throw this portion of the sourdough starter away.

In the early days of starter activity it will smell really bad and the bad bacteria will be more prevalent than the good. It's really not something you want to be baking with!

Once the starter becomes more active, you can use this unfed portion of the starter in many recipes (in fact you can add sourdough discard to almost any recipe).

The recipes in this post concentrate on overnight sourdough discard recipes, so the ingredients are left to ferment for a period of time before baking. You can read more about the different types of sourdough discard recipes here.

How Long Does Sourdough Discard Last In the Fridge?

The answer to this question really depends on what you want to use the discard for.

Remember, sourdough discard is just unfed sourdough starter. Sourdough starter can be stored in the fridge for a very long time.

Now, you would usually feed your sourdough starter before you place it into the fridge, so putting unfed sourdough discard into the fridge will give it a shorter life.

That said, it will last quite a while. But it will get more sour as time goes on.

As a general rule, try to use your sourdough discard within 2 weeks of placing it into the fridge.

If you're wanting to bake something sweet (like this sourdough discard cake) you definitely don't want to use older sourdough discard as it will be too sour.

Can You Let Sourdough Rise Overnight On The Counter?

You sure can! My simple sourdough recipe features an overnight bulk fermentation - given that it uses just 10% starter or you can try this overnight sourdough recipe.

As long as the amount of starter is towards the lower end and the temperature is right, there's no reason you can't let sourdough rise overnight on the counter.

Similarly, you can use certain sourdough discard recipes in the same way and allow them to ferment overnight.

Overnight Sourdough Discard Recipes (2)

Overnight Sourdough Discard Recipes To Try!

Overnight Sourdough Blueberry Muffins

These delicious sourdough blueberry muffins use a mixture of flour and milk which is mixed with sourdough starter and fermented overnight to create the muffin base. The other ingredients are added and baked the next morning. They are mouth watering, moist and out of this world good!!

Overnight Sourdough Blueberry Muffins

Delightful sourdough blueberry muffins that have been fermented overnight to give you the all the benefits of sourdough in a sweet to eat muffin!

Check out this recipe

Overnight Sourdough Discard Recipes (4)

Long Fermented Sourdough Chocolate Cake

This unique sourdough chocolate cake has been fermented overnight to create an easy to digest, rich chocolate cake, worthy of the most special occasion!

Sourdough Chocolate Cake Recipe

This easy sourdough chocolate cake recipe allows the flour to be fermented overnight, making it much better on your gut! You're going to love this moist, chocolatey cake that's perfect for any occasion!

Check out this recipe

Overnight Sourdough Discard Recipes (6)

Sourdough Pasta

Did you know that not only can you use sourdough discard to make homemade pasta ... you can also ferment the pasta overnight!

This helps to make the pasta more easy to digest as the bacteria in your starter have worked their magic and made the nutrients more readily available for you!

Even if you've tried this recipe before, try it again and pop the dough in the fridge overnight. It's well worth the wait!

Sourdough Pasta

Is there anything more homely than homemade pasta? This recipe uses fresh eggs and your sourdough starter to make the best pasta you've ever tasted!

Check out this recipe

Overnight Sourdough Discard Recipes (8)

Sourdough Discard Pizza Dough

This easy sourdough discard pizza dough can be made in the evening and left on the counter to ferment. When you get up in the morning, pop it in the fridge and then you'll have pizza dough ready for dinner that night!

Overnight Sourdough Discard Recipes (9)

Sourdough Discard Pizza Dough

A quick and easy sourdough discard pizza dough that you can make anytime!

Check out this recipe

Overnight Sourdough Discard Recipes (10)

Overnight Sourdough Crinkle Cookies

If you love recipes that you can mix and leave to ferment overnight, you're going to love these sourdough crinkle cookies in either chocolate or gingerbread. You can ferment the dough for around 24 hours, making them the perfect overnight recipe!

Sourdough Choclate Crinkle Cookies

Sourdough chocolate crinkle cookies have a velvety, soft centre surrounded by crinkly, crackly chocolate shell decorated in white powdered sugar.

Check out this recipe

Overnight Sourdough Discard Recipes (11)

Sourdough Gingerbread Crinkle Cookies

Sourdough gingerbread crinkle cookies are a delectable fusion of tangy sourdough starter and warm, spicy gingerbread. These cookies boast a delightful crackled surface, offering a soft and chewy indulgence with every bite.

Check out this recipe

Overnight Sourdough Discard Recipes (12)

Overnight Sourdough Discard Pancakes

These sourdough discard pancakes can be made and fermented overnight. The mixture can be mixed and then popped in the fridge until the next morning.

These pancakes are a great way to use up your sourdough discard and create a delicious breakfast for the whole family!

Sourdough Discard Pancakes

The fluffiest pancakes you'll ever eat, made with your sourdough discard. Create a waste free sourdough routine by making these pancakes with your discard.

Check out this recipe

Overnight Sourdough Discard Recipes (13)

Overnight Sourdough Waffles

These long fermented waffles use 50g of sourdough discard and make the most delicious long fermented breakfast waffles!

Serve them as a sweet or savory dish for a breakfast the whole family will love!

Overnight Sourdough Waffles

These delicious sourdough waffles are fermented overnight to give you all the benefits of long fermented sourdough in this classic breakfast treat! Make them sweet or savory!

Check out this recipe

Overnight Sourdough Discard Recipes (15)

Easy Sourdough Bagels

These deliciously chewy sourdough bagels can be fermented overnight! So easy and oh so good!! You can make them with sourdough discard.

Sourdough Discard Bagels Recipe

These easy sourdough bagels use discard to give them a lovely sourdough tang. With a chewy crust, these sourdough bagels are New York style and can be topped with all your favorites! Make sure you bookmark this sourdough discard bagels recipe!

Check out this recipe

Overnight Sourdough Discard Recipes (17)

Sourdough Discard Crackers

Sourdough cracker dough can be fermented overnight. Fermenting them in this way can make them easier to digest.

In order to ferment these sourdough crackers overnight, you just need to pop it into the fridge. I wouldn't leave it more than 12 hours though - that should be sufficient time for the bacteria to work their magic!

Sourdough Discard Crackers with Rosemary + Parmesan Cheese

These simple sourdough crackers use a lot of discard - and taste amazing! They are the perfect accompaniment to a cheese platter or a quick snack on the go.

Check out this recipe

Overnight Sourdough Discard Recipes (19)

Overnight Sourdough Discard Bread

While this sourdough discard bread recipe is famous for it's speedy timing, you can actually pause this dough overnight if you prefer.

With normal timings, you can have this delicious loaf out of the oven in just a few hours, you can leave the dough in the fridge overnight.

You can then take it out and bake it the next day.

Easy Sourdough Discard Bread

Looking for ways to use your sourdough discard - this is the bread recipe you need! It's simple, tasty and ensures your sourdough starter creates no waste.

Check out this recipe

Overnight Sourdough Discard Recipes (20)

Overnight Sourdough Discard Hamburger Buns

These sourdough discard hamburger buns can be left overnight. If using the overnight option, it's better to shape the dough and then let them do their second rise in the fridge.

You can then take them out and bake them the next day. Allow them to sit out on the counter for around 30 minutes before baking.

Overnight Sourdough Discard Recipes (21)

Sourdough Discard Hamburger Buns Recipe

These glossy sourdough hamburger buns have a rich, buttery crumb - perfect for creating your favorite burger at home. The best thing is they are super fast - taking less than 3 hours to make!

Check out this recipe

Overnight Sourdough Discard Recipes (22)

Overnight Sourdough English Muffins

These sourdough English Muffins are the ultimate overnight sourdough recipe. Using just a few ingredients you can easily create these sourdough English Muffins.

The overnight ferment make them super convenient - and you can use up 200g of sourdough discard which makes them a great option if you have lots on hand.

Sourdough English Muffins

Delicious sourdough English Muffins are a breakfast staple. This overnight recipe is so easy, even the kids can do it!

Check out this recipe

Overnight Sourdough Discard Recipes (24)

Sourdough Garlic Bread Bites

Sourdough Garlic Bread Bites {with a discard option}Sourdough Garlic Bread Bites can be made with either active sourdough starter or sourdough discard. Whichever way you wish to make them, they can be fermented overnight.

Using sourdough discard (and commercial yeast) the sourdough garlic bread bites will need to be fermented overnight in the fridge.

Sourdough Garlic Bread Bites

Sourdough Garlic Bread Bites are a fun way to enjoy garlic bread with a sourdough twist.

Check out this recipe

Overnight Sourdough Discard Recipes (25)

Sourdough Chocolate Chip Cookies

Sourdough Chocolate Chip Cookies

These are the soft + chewy Sourdough Chocolate Chip Cookies of your dreams! Use your sourdough starter to create these tangy sourdough cookies!

Check out this recipe

Overnight Sourdough Discard Recipes (26)

Overnight Sourdough Discard Naan Recipe

This simple sourdough Naan recipe can be left in the fridge overnight. In fact, it can be left in the fridge for a few days which makes this recipe super convenient!

You can choose to just use a little dough at a time, or cook them all at once. And the best thing is that this dough makes a lovely pizza base too!

Sourdough Naan Bread Recipe [with discard options]

This delicious sourdough Naan Bread recipe uses sourdough starter and yoghurt to give this griddle flat bread a soft and tender texture. Perfect to pair with your fave curry!

Check out this recipe

Overnight Sourdough Discard Recipes (27)

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Overnight Sourdough Discard Recipes (28)
Overnight Sourdough Discard Recipes (2024)


Can I leave sourdough discard out overnight? ›

I left my sourdough discard out at room temperature for a few days. Is it okay? As long as your kitchen isn't too warm (I'd say 78°F or higher) your starter/discard will be fine stored at room temperature for at least a few days without feeding. The flavor will get more acidic the longer it sits.

What can I do with sourdough discard from the fridge? ›

The discard is not active enough to make sourdough bread rise but it does have many other uses and baking powder can be added if required. Savoury options include English breakfast muffins, pretzels, caramelised onion biscuits, and sourdough pizza dough.

Can I leave sourdough over night before bake? ›

You can cold ferment or cold proof your sourdough overnight because the cold temperature of the fridge stops the dough from over fermenting. If you were to leave your shaped dough on the counter overnight, you'd wake up to a soupy mess (unless it was freezing in your home).

What can I do with day 3 sourdough discard? ›

What to do with sourdough discard? Don't throw it away! Instead, use it to make delicious and nutritious treats like pancakes, waffles, muffins, and bread. Sourdough discard is a great source of natural yeast and flavor, and can add a unique tangy taste to your baked goods.

How do you know if sourdough discard is bad? ›

You can store mature sourdough discard in the refrigerator indefinitely. As long as there is no mold, it is good to use. It may develop a grayish liquid on top called “hooch” which can be poured off before use or stirred in. If you stir it in, the flavor will become more sour.

How long can sourdough starter sit out overnight? ›

I wouldn't go more than 24 hours without feeding a very young sourdough starter (it may survive longer than this unfed however you will leave it open to the risk of mold). Mature sourdough starter aged more than 6 months old should be able to survive unfed on the counter for around 3-4 days without any risk of mold.

Can I use sourdough discard straight from fridge? ›

Yes you can use sourdough discard straight from the fridge, you don't need to let it come to room temperature if you don't want to. What is this? If you are using it straight from the fridge it may be a little stiff or thick, so you'll need to ensure you mix it really well.

Can you use day 1 sourdough discard? ›

Remember, you can't use the discard from your homemade sourdough starter for the first 7 days. You can use sourdough discard in all kinds of sourdough discard recipes, including these no wait sourdough recipes, overnight sourdough discard recipes and sourdough discard recipes that use up a lot of discard.

Do I need to feed sourdough discard before using? ›

Absolutely! A jar of sourdough discard serves as an insurance policy against starter death. If you have some discard on hand, remove a spoonful of it and feed it fresh flour and water in a clean jar. You should have a bubbly starter ready to bake with after a couple of feedings, depending on the discard's condition.

How soon can you bake with sourdough discard? ›

At room temperature (70 F), sourdough discard should last about 1-2 days. Beyond that, it won't go bad necessarily, it will just become more acidic as time goes on (especially in warm weather). Not ideal for sweet recipes. In the fridge, it will keep for about a week or so, and in the freezer it will last indefinitely.

What is the sourdough poke test? ›

With the “poke test” you put some flour on your finger and poke the dough. If it springs back immediately, it needs more time.

Do I have to proof my sourdough in the fridge overnight? ›

The dough should generally be proofed for around 1 to 4 hours at a warm temperature or overnight (or more) at a cold refrigerator temperature. As the proofing temperature increases, the total fermentation time will decrease.

Does sourdough discard still have health benefits? ›

Yes, there are actually several health benefits to using sourdough discard in your cooking and baking. Sourdough discard is rich in probiotics, which can help promote a healthy gut microbiome and improve digestion.

Can I use immature sourdough discard? ›

However, “discard” doesn't necessarily mean “throw out.” A two-to-three day old starter can be used to add amazing flavor and texture to a number of baked goods, even if it is not quite ready to make your dream loaf of sourdough bread.

Why do you discard half of your sourdough starter? ›

If you don't get rid of the excess, eventually you'll have more starter than your feedings can sustain. After a few days, your daily 1/4 cup flour and water won't be enough to sustain your entire jar of starter, and your starter will be slow and sluggish, not much better than discard itself.

Can you use cold sourdough discard? ›

Yes, you can bake with sourdough starter straight from the fridge.

How long can I leave sourdough starter out of the fridge? ›

You can leave your starter out on your counter and just feed it every 12-24 hours. I do not use my starter every day. I use it a few times a week, so what I do is keep it in the refrigerator in a bowl with an airtight lid or glass lid.

How long can you leave sourdough out of the fridge? ›

However, the duration of the final proof is somewhat variable (and always dependent upon the duration of the bulk fermentation). In my experience, the shortest final proof (at room temperature) that I prefer to do is one hour. The longest final proof (at room temperature) is about 3 hours.

How long can you keep sourdough discard on counter? ›

Room temperature sourdough discard should be used, refrigerated, or thrown away after 36-48 hours. Sourdough discard can be kept in the fridge for weeks, BUT it continues to get sourer as time passes.

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