Former Hells Angels leader has lifted the lid on life in one of the most violent biker gangs (2024)

Warning: This article contains graphic descriptions which some readers may find distressing.

If you've ever fancied yourself as a member of Hells Angels, the haunting stories from this former leader who headed up one of one of the world's most violent biker gangs might make you think twice.

A chat with Charles 'Peewee' Goldsmith is sure to set you back on the straight and narrow, as although he might have looked bada** on the back of a Harley-Davidson while head-to-toe in leather, the reality is a lot more menacing than you may think.


He was the ex-President of the club and a kickboxing heavyweight, so he certainly wasn't someone to be messed with.

Charles first joined Hells Angels in Minnesota in 1994, before moving to San Francisco and firmly cementing his place in the biker community while steadily rising up the ranks.

He confessed that he 'took care of business' for the world-renowned gang between 2003 to 2011, but stopped short of explaining further while being interviewed for A&E's Secrets of the Hells Angels series as he'd be 'incriminating himself'.

Former Hells Angels leader has lifted the lid on life in one of the most violent biker gangs (1)

Charles 'Peewee' Goldsmith revealed what life was like as a leader of Hells Angels. (VLAD TV)

Charles parted ways with Hells Angels in 2010, but can still expertly recall some of the escapades that he took part in with the Outlaw group - although he might have been better off forgetting some of the gory details.


During an interview with the YouTube channel Vlad TV, the former boss of the biker gang detailed a fiery face-off between 96 Hells Angels and 60 members of the Outlaws Motorcycle Club at the Easy Rider Show in Chicago.

Charles explained: "The weird part was... they [Hells Angels] were at war with the Outlaws, but they didn't really want to have the confrontation with them. But you could cut the tension in the air with a knife it was that thick.

"I just made a suggestion, I said: 'Why don't we just rush them right now in the hallway and there's no people in here and that way you'd know no innocent bystanders will get hurt.' It's just us guys straight up Braveheart s**t."

Former Hells Angels leader has lifted the lid on life in one of the most violent biker gangs (2)

He first joined the notorious biker gang in 1994. (Digital First Media Group/The Mercury News via Getty Images)

Charles said that he then headed over to a bar area where all the rival bikers were standing to make it clear he was 'pretty much taking that [the area] over' - which proved to be the catalyst for a bloody brawl.


Discussing the incident which ensued, the former leader said: "At one moment, they started getting thumped pretty hard and then one guy came running by me, I just grabbed him and threw him to the ground.

"And I was just boom, punching him because that's what I do, you know.

"So I punched him and I hear this gurgling sound and I look back and another brother - who's not in the club anymore - he's in prison doing life for murder - was just staking him and staking him and as he was pulling it (the knife) out... I could see all his intestines coming out.

"I just got off of him and was like, ah this guy's done... I didn't know if he was dead or alive so I just jumped off him."


Truly brutal stuff.

Former Hells Angels leader has lifted the lid on life in one of the most violent biker gangs (3)

Charles recalled some of the harrowing things he had witnessed. (Instagram/@peeweebmf)

The stunned interviewer then asked Charles to clarify what he saw and if he had genuinely witnessed someone drag someone's intestines out of their body.

He responded: "Yeah - with a knife - one with a serrated edge with the little teeth on top. When he pulled it out it was just like pulling his inner guts out."


Somehow, Charles said there were no reports of fatalities following the ruckus - so hopefully, the Outlaw got his intestines back where they were supposed to be.

While he was a member of Hells Angels, the bloke nicknamed PeeWee donned a jacket which was emblazoned with a patch alongside the words: "Filthy 666 Few."

Charles claimed that the term refers to someone who is the 'first one to the party, last one to leave' during the Secrets of the Hells Angels series, but after being pressed to spill the beans, he said he would land himself in trouble.

However, he then added: "People can say what they think it means but allegedly, Filthy Few is that you took care of business for the club - I mean serious business, man.

"I did take care of business."

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/ @djvlad / Karol Serewis/Gallo Images Poland/Getty Images

Former Hells Angels leader has lifted the lid on life in one of the most violent biker gangs (2024)
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