15 Cute and Easy Super Bowl Party Outfits in 2024 You Must Try (2024)

Super Bowl parties are exciting, and part of the fun is to put together a cute and comfortable outfit before you go. Here are the 15 simple outfits you can easily wear, and enjoy the game time with your friends!

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Red Cable Knit Sweater

This bright and cozy cable knit sweater suits the iconic event and to have it paired with skinny jeans is just pure sports and fashion glory! This outfit is perfect as a Superbowl outfit because it’s not only festive but also very comfy to wear – talk about moving so much from all that intense cheering!

What’s nice about this outfit is that the form-fitting skinny jeans nicely balance out the chunky nature of the cable knit sweater. You can also add more style to fully embrace the event by going for a matching red cap and a classic pair of white sneakers!

Cropped Sweatshirt Set

There is no way you’ll ever go wrong with matching coordinates and for such sporty occasions as the Superbowl, a sweatshirt set should be your ultimate style company. The key to this look is the fact that it’s monochromatic, hence saving you the hassle of mixing and matching your top and bottom.

Apart from this, the color-coordinated sweatsuit creates an uninterrupted visual line to keep you looking lean and tall. Did I also mention how immensely comfortable sweatshirts and sweatpants are, too?!

Tube Top and Joggers

Going to a bar to watch the Superbowl with friends? Well, here’s an outfit that creates a sexy statement – a tube top and joggers!

This is your best bet if you’re looking into showing a bit more skin as you take part in this festive sports event. The sexy tube top brings out the beauty of your decolletage while the proper volume of the joggers injects additional depth into your overall look.

Denim Jacket

The casual denim jacket will always be a classic wardrobe piece, especially on this sporty event! In this look, you can absolutely tell how the charm of denim-on-denim will always be very apparent.

To have the shade and texture of denim stand out, go for something plain for your inner top such as a basic white shirt or tank top! Also, the matching baseball cap added more excitement to this dynamic Super Bowl look.

Leather Jacket

If you’d like to bring more edge to your Superbowl look, what’s even edgier than a leather jacket? The leather jacket is simply oozing with bad girl vibes and that’s one way to make head turns during this legendary event!

The classic way to rock the iconic black leather jacket is to go all-in with your black colors such as matching it with black jeans and a black cap. Well, just to add some dimension to the look and break the color monotony, you can wear a white undershirt or tank.

Denim Bustier

Here’s another denim-on-denim look that will surely bring you that halftime show extravaganza! We can’t deny how sexy bustiers are and to have that in the classic, versatile denim fabric, you’re up for a chic look to accompany you to the Superbowl!

The secret here is fit because bustiers are meant to give you that snug fit to cinch your waist and shape up your cleavage. Go for matching denim jeans to really pull the look altogether in style harmony!

Cropped Tank Top

I have to say that this is one of the “most Superbowl” outfits on this list because this red cropped cami paired with denim shorts is just iconic! This look exudes just the right breeze of sex appeal and its simplicity and effortless wearability are truly what makes it perfect.

Whether you’re watching the Superbowl at home or are meeting your friends at the bar, this look is definitely the bomb!

Cropped Hoodie

Hoodies are one of the basics of athleisure wear and there’s no doubt that it gives such a sporty vibe. Now have it cropped and you got yourself a chic and sexy athletic outfit to gear you up for the Superbowl.

This cropped hoodie looks so good with a crop top or a sports bra as it really elevates your overall look. There are many types of bottoms to match this upper set but I’d say nothing is even more timeless than jeans!

Mini Skirt

Wearing a mini skirt for a Super Bowl event can be a fantastic choice because of how stylish and figure-flattering it is! If you’d like to flaunt your legs for the Superbowl party, you are so gonna love how elongating and slimming the right mini skirt can be.

Pairing a mini skirt with a leather jacket and a crop top just like this look we have here creates a chic and edgy ensemble that is perfect for sporty events!

Varsity Jacket

Bring out that jock in you as you cheer for your favorite team with a sporty varsity jacket like this classic red one we have right here! Its cozy coverage and comfy oversized fit definitely suit the sporty aesthetic of the Superbowl, that’s for sure!

You can hardly go wrong with a varsity jacket for a huge sports event like the Superbowl, but aside from its athletic vibe, the color and structure also contribute to the energetic spirit of your outfit!

Graphic Tee

Crop tops have become incredibly trendy in recent years and their proven versatility and flattering silhouette make them suitable for many different events, such as the iconic Superbowl. It can also be an awesome choice if you’re looking into highlighting your waist or midriff.

Wearing your crop top with a high-rise bottom, just like a mini skirt can also further elongate the visual length of your legs as well for that slender, modelesque look!

Short Sleeve Cardigan

Now if you’re looking for an outfit that gives coverage but aren’t a fan of long sleeves or jackets, then go get that short-sleeved cardigan from your closet, and let’s make a Superbowl outfit out of it! Layer it over a basic graphic or statement shirt and the classic skinny jeans and you’re all set.

This look is effortlessly stylish and the versatility of the cardigan allows you to give yourself a bit more coverage without going overboard.

Black Jeggings

Ankle-length jeggings are incredibly easy to style because of how versatile and figure-flattering they are! This makes them a hassle-free option for game day attire, while also highlighting the slimmest part of your legs.

Whether you’re pairing them with a crop top, a hoodie, or a graphic tee, ankle-length jeggings provide a versatile base for creating a variety of looks that suit your personal style. Well, my personal favorite to pair with black ankle-length jeggings is this classy fitted crop top!

Mom Jeans

Here’s another classic fashion item that makes an absolute foolproof style choice for game day – mom jeans and white sneakers! Oh, how they blend seamlessly with pretty much anything and their very laid-back and casual vibes make them so effortless to style.

One way that I find flattering to pair white sneakers is to match them with a white sweater and a pair of mom jeans.

Cargo Pants

Cargo pants are, right off the bat, super stylish and sporty which also explains why they are great to wear for the Superbowl. Not only that, but the huge pockets they have are also very practical and functional as they can also carry your game day essentials for you – phone, tickets, etc.

Pairing cargo pants with a cami top adds a touch of chicness and depth to your Super Bowl game day outfit. The contrast between the utilitarian style of the cargo pants and the femininity of the cami top brings an interesting contrast to your ensemble!

15 Cute and Easy Super Bowl Party Outfits in 2024 You Must Try (2024)
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